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Natalie TrinidadMy name is Natalie Trinidad and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of San Antonio. If you’ve never visited us, here's a little breakdown: SA is a minority-majority city filled with Latinx culture. Hispanic influence lines all of our streets, from our murals to our endless supply of delicious taco shops.  

Dominican RepublicIn 2015, I left San Antonio to work for a non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic. While teaching English to underserved children, I found myself inspired by the culture I had been immersed in, and I started painting in my free time.


Zacatecas, MexicoAfter returning home to Texas, I set out on another mission to aid Mexican and Costa Rican women-artisans. I would travel throughout these countries to find and purchase womens’ work to bring back to the states and sell. Although I found my little business fulfilling it wasn’t as sustainable as I hoped. I quickly realized the journey wasn’t all for nothing - between my travels, I had been creating paintings that were inspired by the culture I was trying so desperately to help!

San Antonio
It was then that I really saw the culture that surrounded me in San Antonio, and along with the culture I carried with me from my travels I began my campaign. 
 Cultura Campaign is about more than just my creations as an artist, it’s about the prosperity of the Hispanic culture. Every sticker, earring, magnet, and pin tells a deeper story of Latinx culture - our food, our icons, and our relics...all of our culture is sacred, and deserves to be celebrated.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little slice of mi corazon, and I hope it shines brightly through all of my products.


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